Online Courses Study: More Students Are Enrolling in Online courses

Online Courses


Online Course listings can be found on websites such as

This site provides a comprehensive list of online courses from popular online course websites such as


  2. Cody Academy

  3. Coursera

  4. DataCamp

  5. Edx

  6. Futurelearn

  7. Khan Academy

  8. Lynda

  9. The Great Courses

  10. Udacity

Introductory courses in topics such as Programming and Mathematics are listed.

Users can purchase these courses to familiarize themselves with a topic of their choice. This is a perfect opportunity for college-bound students to explore a course of their choice for a significantly reduced price before they commit to it as a major for example at their respective institutions.

As more and more students begin taking courses online, other course materials will be available for students to choose from and explore. Instructors and professors will be more committed to posting their materials online.

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