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Teaching online is a fairly new phenomenon that is trending worldwide, online tutors are becoming more and more popular.

While it is undoubtedly important for online instructors to actively and visibly engage with students in the teaching and learning process—perhaps with even greater intentionality than in face-to-face courses. The difficulty lies in understanding how to do so effectively, creating that presence in an online classroom can be challenging. Let’s examine key differences in why teaching online stands as a separate profession with a separate set of skills, rules, and regulations.

1. Learning Online has not been perfected.

Students who take online courses tend not to perform as well as students opting for the real classroom. This could be due to factors such as inexperienced teachers, and inexperienced students. Both groups do not know how to exactly succeed in the online course environment and what steps are necessary to do so. Online training for teaching is fairly new as the industry of online learning is new in it of itself. Most importantly students who are taking online courses do not know how to take them and how to effectively learn online. The interaction between the student and the teacher in an online environment is limited to text and online software, can be both beneficial and detrimental to learning.

2. Online Tutors /Instructors- Student interpersonal connection is crucial to a student’s success in that course.

Yet overall, students who were interviewed felt that their connection to the online instructor was weaker in online courses than in real life courses. Distance learning should not be that the online instructor is so distanced from the student that the student has to “teach themselves” in order to pass the course.

3. Online Student Engagement.

When examining student engagement we need to understand that it means understanding “student involvement” and how invested the student is in the course altogether. We need to break the barrier of student mentality of learning online as a “crutch”, as some students do not take online learning as seriously as real-life learning.


So far there are some techniques to increase student engagement in an online classroom: teachers can incorporate live audio and video chats or video-capture lectures using various web conferencing techniques that are available to them. The more of those techniques become accessible to teachers, the more successful the lessons will be.

4. Online Tutors / Instructors – Our future.

Online instructors make an impact.  Online education is becoming more and more popular today. As we approach the next decade we can see that a significant portion of what is being taught in schools is moving to an online medium. Colleges and Universities are now offering online courses and seek online faculty. Teachers are doing part-time gigs as Online Instructors / Tutors, more and more people are seeing that Online Education is a much easier, time/cost-effective, convenient way to learn. Online Instruction is becoming the next wave of optimal learning that more and more people are choosing every day.

5. Top Qualities of Exceptional Online Tutors Teachers

 adaptability(flexibility, adjustability, versatility)

Adapting your teaching online to a student’s needs is quite different online than it is in person.  Gauging and responding to a student’s interest and attitude is much more challenging online.  Because every student requires a different approach and finding this approach is the key to success in an online medium. In an online medium teachers do not have much background information on the student’s progress in a given subject, assessing that particular student becomes challenging for an online teacher.  Because of the transitory nature of online learning teachers need to tailor their teaching styles to the student’s needs based on the limited prior interactions with the student and limited knowledge about the student learning habits.  Regardless of these difficulties and online tutor must recognize student’s needs and devise a plan for any scenario.  Throughout the sessions, online tutor will have to re-evaluate, adjust the student’s objectives as they progress. The more sessions are spent with the teacher the easier it is for a teacher to do so. Planning ahead of time for lack of a student’s readiness for a particular topic is crucial in safeguarding your lesson and making it a productive lesson no matter what the situation is.

Energy(motivation, enthusiasm, interpersonal skills)

Online tutors must be passionate about the subject they are teaching enough to take the time and effort to transfer to teaching it online. In this regard, a great tutor will be excited to learn and teach with a lot of enthusiasm for helpingthat student to excel. Human interaction is crucial in establishing a connection for that lesson and the key is willingness to help the student. Tutors that encourage students to succeed will have a positive impact on the student’s attitude for learning.  It is important to remember that even if a student has fallen behind he or she can be successful in the future with the right amount of tutoring and studying.

Openness (accessibility, availability, involvement, empathy)

Online tutor needs to demonstrate openness and willingness to help the student regardless of any negative past experiences the student had.  In a realistic scenario where the tutoring sessions last approximately 60 minutes getting to know the student cannot take more than 5 minutes.  In theses short minutes an online tutor must establish a connection with the student, understand the student’s learning background and inquire about student’s learning and living situation.  For further sessions it is important that the tutor knows what to expect in terms of scheduling ability to do assigned tasks on time and overall commitment of the student to learning that particular subject.  It will be also helpful to have a connection with the parents so that the tutor would be able to follow up on the work that was completed and gain/give the appropriate feedback.  A great tutor must be fully invested and interested in the student’s success as they take responsibility for their learning online.


6. Online Tutors Instructors teaching resources.

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