Statistics Tutoring 1 Example. Linear Regression Regents

Statistics Tutoring Ex. Linear Regression Regents


Do you know how to calculate linear regression by heart? If you do not, this post will help you enter this data in a calculator and successfully produce the correct linear regression equation.





Hit STAT — > EDIT– > EDIT You should See lists. Enter the data for the x values into the first list, and the data for the y values for the second list.

Hit STAT — > CALC — > Scroll down to choice 4. LinReg(ax+b) and hit enter.




This produces a Linear Regression equation with a=1.9 b= 29.79, r^2 =0.113

R = 0.337


Y= 1.917 X + 29.79 —– Linear Regression Equation

Y= 1.9X + 29.8 —– Linear Regression Equation rounded to the nearest tenth



What do the R and R^2 values mean in statistics?



R squared – the STRENGTH of Association.

R- how LINEAR the association is and DIRECTION.


  • Exactly –A perfect downhill (negative) linear relationship
  • 70. A strong downhill (negative) linear relationship
  • 50. A moderate downhill (negative) relationship
  • 30. A weak downhill (negative) linear relationship
  • No linear relationship
  • +0.30.A weak uphill (positive) linear relationship
  • +0.50.A moderate uphill (positive) relationship
  • +0.70.A strong uphill (positive) linear relationship
  • Exactly +1.A perfect uphill (positive) linear relationship





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