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Online Math Tutors


  1. Online Math Tutors act as Facilitators.

Online learning climate is open and non-threatening but nonetheless rigorous. All students should be comfortable enough to identify their difficulties openly, to challenge themselves, their tutor and be able to admit if they “don’t know”.


  1. Online Math Tutors set learning goals.

Be familiar with the learning objectives of both the Tutoring Topic at hand and the course to which the tutoring topic belongs. Be professional in speech and demeanor. Be knowledgeable about the school standards and curriculum offered at the school the student attends and at least have a general idea of what level the topic is being taught.  Be forward thinking and prepare your students for future learning, act as a guide for progressive learning.


  1. Online Math Tutors extend and go beyond the basics.

Student learning continues after the tutoring session is over. For this reason, online tutors should encourage critical thinking and ensure that the students’ knowledge is challenged and probed during the tutoring session and after. In a math learning session, is it important not to just give out the answers but explain to the student the process of getting the right answer so that students can complete problems on their own.


  1. Online Math Tutors ensure that an objective, rigorous but evidence-based evaluation occurs in the tutoring session.

Evaluating students is an important part of the learning process and online tutors must evaluate students on a regular basis, minimum at the end of each session.




Online Math Tutor


Minimum Requirement: Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from an accredited University. If your degree is from a country other than the United States, do provide proof of all your credentials translated in English.

Master’s degree in education is preferred, mathematics or a related field.

Experience working as a math teacher/tutor is highly desired.



Online Math Tutor


Online Math Tutors set their own pay rate.



Online Math Tutor


Online Math Tutors are expected to be professional in demeanor. Expect the best performance from all your students.


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