Vendor Instructions


1. My Account-> Dashboard

2. Products->Add Product



Once You have selected Add Product, a form for adding Products should appear.

On this form select Bookable Product from the dropdown list of all type of Products.

Note*:  Do not check any of the right-hand boxes (“Has Persons”, “Virtual”, “Downloadable”) when adding a “Bookable Product”.

3.  Set Booking Options.

Fixed Blocks of 1 hour (usually For Academic Instructors).

Can be canceled 24 hours in advance (usually For Academic Instructors).

4. Set Availability.

Make sure to check “not available by default”

Set your availability by day, week, etc.

Make sure to set “Bookable” to yes, no “priority”  is needed if setting by days.

Ex. Set Monday’s availability, Tuesdays availability, Wednesday’s availability

by the hour.

5. Click Submit for all changes.